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Adventure Time – The Vault, Review

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Finn is sleepwalking and dreaming about a Green lady, a memory that gets filed away in “The Vault” where he forgets things. Jake and BMO help him tap into his memories to uncover a secret past life.


Spoilers Ahoy!

TheVault2This episode also get’s a little deeeeeeeeep in stuff like past lives, Gumball Guardians creation and the basic foundation of The Candy Kingdom. Seriously how old is Princess Bubblegum?

We start the episode with Jake waking Finn up from sleep walking and tearing up the kitchen after being attacked by The Scary Lady. When Jake finds out that Finn just locks the memories into his own memory vault to forget them, he enlists the help of BMO. Using a game to get Finn into a trance, we find out what Finn was in his past lives, which included: Asteroid, Butterfly (perhaps a reference to his Astral Beast that is a bunch of butterflies) a poo looking “thing”, and the scary lady from his dream.

It seems that at once in his past life, Finn was Shoko, a one armed thief of sorts working with the Bath Boy Gang. Just, keep rolling with me here. Shoko is asked by the Bath Boy Gang to steal an amulet that happens to be Princess Bubblegum, who I’m starting to think is timeless. I mean, there was a river of toxic chemicals next to the Candy Kingdom, which I think must mean that the Mushroom War must have been fairly close to have just happened. It’s a guess at least. Regardless, Shoko befriends PB, helps create the Gumballs, and receives a new mechanical arm that PB made for her. It really looks like a throwback to the arm that Finn had in the alternate reality world that was Finn The Human episode that was the season five premier. Remembering the threat by the Bath Boy Gang, Shoko goes through with stealing the Amulet, but gets tossed into the chemical waste river. It’s later revealed that Shoko survived the river, horribly mutated, but at least grew an arm back. When she collapses under a tiny tree (that becomes Finn and Jakes Huge Tree House) it all started to click into place for me.

When Finn calls PB over for after telling Jake “the past must be reckoned with.” He starts ripping up the kitchen after PB arrives and finds the skeleton of Shoko clutching the Amulet (though, she looks alive and happy to give the amulet to Finn and return it to PB) Finn looks back at the hollowed out hole where a normal Shoko gives him the thumbs up, thus ending the episode.

I know there is a whole bunch of “so deeeeep” stuff I’m overlooking, but I felt that this time around a more general overview of what happened in the episode was warranted. I’d hope that we could continue such talk in the comments below. So, what are YOUR thoughts on The Vault?

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