Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Up a Tree, TV Review

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Sometimes, the perfect throw leads you on an adventure climbing up a giant tree, getting turned tiny, and imprisoned by tree dwelling animals.

That’s basically what happened when Finn, Jake and Lady Rainicorn are on a picnic and Finn busts out their “Throwing catching disk” or a Frisbee as we know it. Finn gets Jake to back up all the way near the tree, and unleashes his “perfect throw” that…ends up sailing to the top of the tree. I liked how Jake just stretches up to the top and Fin tells Jake he’ll get it. Jake just points out he’s right there but Finn wasn’t having any of that, wanting to retrieve it himself. So, Jake goes to spend time with Lady and Finn tries climbing the giant tree, meets a porcupine that wants Finn to sit on him and let the shock carry him to the top of the tree. When Finn declines, and the porcupine stabs him anyways (which didn’t work as the porcupine thought it would) Finn uses the pines stuck in his butt to climb the tree until he gets tired and rests on a branch.

Now, we get the weirder character of this episode, the Squirrel, who says he’s a flying squirrel. He shoves a cursed apple into Finns mouth to give him nutrients, and ends up shrinking Finn. I laughed how non-chelate Finn was about this, like being turned tiny by a cursed apple was an easily reversible process. Anyways, Finn follows the squirrel into the tree, sees his Frisbee and shouts at the Tree animals for taking it. They imprison him in a cell with the Squirrel as a guard. As Finn just walks between the bars, telling the Squirrel he’ll help him achieve his dream of leaving the tree, they rescue the Frisbee and run off. Finn does another “perfect throw” that he says they’ll hop on and sail away. It…sails away without them. Then Finn just shoves the Squirrel off the branch before the Tree animals capture them again and the two fall through the sky toward the ground. They’re only saved by the Frisbee that they land on and said across the grasslands and over Lady Rainicorns house. Where Jake is doing dishes. They wave at eachother and the episodes ends with Jake whispering “The Perfect Throw”

Damn you Adventure Time, damn you weird, insane stories that somehow make sense. It’s easy to see why people like myself find this show so entertaining. Everything is over in 12 minutes, you get to just shut your brain off and experience another crazy time in the land of Ooo.

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