Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time ‘Too Young’ – Mini Review

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Princess Bubblegum, finally makes her appearance this season, and we get to see what she’s like now as a 13 year old (like Finn!)instead of 18. Just watch the season 2 finale to find out how she went backwards in age.

This is really the episode I’ve been looking forward to this season, Finn has had a crush on Princess Bubblegum forever, and now that they are the same age, the love blossoms. Even more so when the whiny Earl of Lemongrab comes into the picture and advocates the throne because Princess Bubblegum is too young. We get pranks, my favorite being Finn and Bubblegum putting sheets on, pretending to be ghosts, and Finn punches Lemongrab in the gut and knocks him over. I think I rewound that part at least 5 times and laughed my ass off.

Sadly, the love affair can’t go on, and I’m mostly sad for Finn. I really could of used more episodes of them building a relationship. Maybe I’m just a sap like that, but overall it was a fun episode to watch. Especially with all the ‘Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!’ and Lemongrab banishing everyone to the prison for a million years.


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