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Adventure Time “Too Old” – Review

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I’m officially creeped out by this show…and I love it

too_old_at_promoYou might recall that last week that Finn and Flame Princess are on a cooling period after the incident where he manipulated her feelings in order to watch her kick Ice King’s ass and have warm, toasty dreams. That’s still going on, but instead of Finn trying to patch things up with FP, he does the butthole rebound thing and tries to get involved with his old ‘flame’ Bonnibel Bubblegum.

While heading to the Lemongrabs’ kingdom for a undisclosed diplomatic meeting, Finn tries WAY too hard to let it be known that he still has feelings for Princess Bubblegum…so much so that he lied to Jake about Peebles hating him so that he’d stay away on this trip. Finn is becoming a teenager and is starting to exhibit his growing up more and more with each passing episode.

They arrive at the castle and are invited to dine with the Lemongrabs, the original, darker dressed one has become morbidly obese to the point where bowing to his guests is near impossible, and the ‘new’ Lemongrab is exhibiting injuries that must have been sustained on the last Graybles episode when he was eaten by Dark Lemongrab. Missing from his body are his waist and legs, and a good chunk of his head. Instead he now floats along and rarely exerts his power, lest he be eaten.

Besides the Lemongrabs and the creepy ‘trying-too-hard’ Finn, the focus of this episode was on a young Lemon child that goes by the name Lemonhope. When Princess Bubblegum and Finn start exploring the castle after being bored by the chosen entertainment, they come across a room containing this young lemon playing a lute. The sound aggravates the Lemon rulers and they come to the room berating and kicking Lemonhope around. It’s pretty disturbing.

Besides the oddness that is the Lemongrabs and their subjects, the screeching nature of everyone in the kingdom, the color yellow around everywhere, and Finn being a major creepy dude, this episode seriously made me feel REALLY disturbed for a good 80% of its entirety. It wasn’t until near the end when Finn and Bubblegum escape with Lemonhope do you feel any sense of returning to normalcy happen.

I should try to explain what I mean when I say disturbed. Not as if I was going to turn away and never return to the series, as this is probably one of the highlights of my week is seeing new episodes of this show…more of a feeling of “man, I hope they’re really trying to channel David Lynch from Dune” on this episode because Dark Lemongrab was putting out some serious Baron Harkonnen vibes this time.

Perhaps the best part of this week’s episode is when Jake jerks Finn around pretty hard concerning the dating habits of Flame Princess. Just watch it and you’ll see.

All in all, it’s interesting to me to see how they’re not trying to keep Finn the perpetually young character as you see in many cartoon, but are allowing the character to grow with their audience and most importantly the voice actors. Will we see Jonathan Frakes return to voice Finn in 20 years or so? I can only hope.

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