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Adventure Time “Time Sandwich” – Review

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I don’t quite know how to put this, but Time Sandwich may have been my favorite episode of this show so far (minus the snow golem episode).

What more can I say about the episode that combines a few of my favorite C-List characters like Mr. Cupcake and Magic Man with my love for sandwiches? I can say plenty it seems.

The episode starts off with Finna and WPR favorite BMO playing a game when Jake comes into the treehouse with a bag of groceries that he’s going to use to make a divinely inspired sandwich. Once set, he creates a sandwich with cream cheese, dill, pickles, boiled eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, meat prepared sous vide, bacon, bird meat from a bird from the window, tears, and the most important ingredient, the soul of a freshly dispatched lobster.

The sandwich is completed and begins glowing, revealing that this to be the finest sandwich ever made when that jerk of jerks, Magic Man, shows up to ruin the party and steals his sandwich. Before jumping out the window to scarf it down, he tells Jake he can have it back if he solves his riddle.


The puzzle created by Magic Man is that of a time distortion field that has time moving extra slow inside it while the outside world whizzes by.

Offering a solution for the puzzle BMO has the guys create a skateboard ramp that he uses to insert himself into the dome. Next for help is Princess Bubblegum who discovers that the dome is essentially made from molasses and won’t move normal speed unless heated up…so she launches a molasses warmer that is essentially a missile shaped like the head of a honey bear, you know, those bears in your kitchen that contain honey.

The explosion has no effect since it too is running in slow motion, so P-Bubs calls Marceline for help whose solution for the problem is an atomic elbow using her demonic form…which also gets her stuck in the dome. Did I mention that while this is all happening, BMO is still squealing from his skateboard trick in slow motion as the explosion spreads. It’s surreal but amazing at the same time.

At last, Jake being distraught that he’d never have his sandwich figures out the solution to the riddle and it involves his own death, thinking about Mr. Cupcake, and Lady Rainicorn. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but once the spell is gone, all of the slow motion events finish providing me with one of the biggest laughs in a long time.

Season 5 has been great so far, and I can only hope that the show will continue with its level of quality that it has had for the last couple of episodes. What was your favorite moment this season so far?

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