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Adventure Time: The Suitor, Review

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the suitor title card
Princess Bubblegum spends too much time in her lab doing SCIENCE! While that’s not normally a bad thing, maybe she should get out more often.

PB has a lot of Candy People that want to marry her, most are…


Well, typical Candy People.

Then there is Braco he not only is 21, but inherited his place in line from his dead dad. You can tell since he’s all you know, sitting on the skeleton and all. My question is. If he dad waited in line all those years just to be the next Suitor for PB, how did he procreate? Are there candy women who hit up the lines for sexy time out of pity? I’m reading too much into this, I need to move on.

Peppermint Butler who is apparently practicing dark magic in a tower of the Candy Castle to summon a demon called Ogdoad, who holds the key to the Shadow Realm. Is doing so with Cinnamon Bun suspended upside down from the ceiling as a “willing vessel”. Yeah, I forgot how apparently crazy evil Peppermint Butler is. Crazy enough to slap PB at the end of the episode, right before the credits rolled.

BracoThis episode was all about Braco trying to find a way to persevere and prove to PB that he loves her and she should return said love to her suitor. It’s a charming little episode that in the end, is saved by a doppelganger. It’s a fun little episode that gives us a little more inside into Peppermint Butler, Braco and how Princess Bubblegum is so committed to her kingdom that she may never truly ever find her Suitor.

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