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Adventure Time: The Hard Easy, TV Review

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A Mega Frog is terrorizing the River Scamps! Nobody is getting eaten, but they might have to move and get real jobs!

Thus, it’s up to Finn and Jake to defeat the mega frog and save the day! Except, it’s raining, and they don’t know how to build a fire. You rub two sticks together right? Friction! Finn writing FIRE in the dirt and placing the stick next to it was a novel attempt also. Good thing Jake stuck himself in the face with a stick, raised himself over the trees in pain, got hit by lightning that set the stick on fire, then fell into their pile of wood to get something started. Such silliness is what makes Adventure Time just fun to watch after a long day full of adult stresses and worries. That’s part of the reason why I DVR every damn episode of this show, you never know when you’ll need a break to just go into the fantastical world of Ooo.

The episode starts out with Finn and Jake sitting in the rain, Finn, without his shirt and hat on, which always shocks me to remember he has hair when he’s not always wearing his bear hat. A river scamp comes up to them as they are leaving, because well, he’s shy and it took him a while to work the courage to talk to them. He tells of their plight and takes them to the Elder who laments about how the Mega Frog is terrorizing them. They pay Finn and Jake in lollipops for helping take care of the Mega Frog, which seems like a good payment system. Naturally, they just use the Lollipops to keep track of where they are going since they don’t want to get lost, when they decide to backtrack, Jake realizes they ran out of lollipops a while ago.

I really didn’t see the ending coming, and when it was all pieced together thanks to Finn and you remember the common fairy tale told about frogs (hint) and realize that the scary ass Mega Frog is slobbering all over Jake instead of eating him. Ok, I can’t beat around the bush, The frog is Prince Huge, Finn does a slow motion leap to kiss him in frog form turning him back into a prince. He gets thanked and Prince Huge flies off laughing heartily. I’m not sure what this means for the Land of Ooo, since he is now the first known Prince that I can think of. This might be a setup for something big down the line, I’m assuming with Princess Bubblegum. We shall see! Until then have fun with your own Adventures.

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