Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time ‘Still’ – Mini Review

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Gunther is the most adorable little penguin. Wenk Wenk.

Yes, an episode with Gunther can only mean one thing. Ice King! He just wants to be friends with Finn and Jake after all. Just wants them to love him and know as much about him as he knows them so deeply. So, he puts freezing potions on them while they sleep! Now they can’t move and they have to learn to be his friend!

One of my favorite parts was Ice King deciding it was time for them to dress up as each other, and since he’s the only one who can move, he dresses up as Finn first. Only that Finn has realized that since all his other senses are gone, he can use his brain to project himself to an astral plane and find a beast to follow him to the real world to save him. Which he is successful at….getting butterflies to help save them.

All seems to be going well when Jake realizes he can control the butterflies if he concentrates really hard. So, when they approach the Icc King, of course Ice King screws up and freezes himself too.


Gunther to the rescue! Or…Gunther pushing the anti-freeze potion out a window breaking it, then he does a little dance. Damn that Gunther and his thing for breaking bottles!

End Episode. I know I say it every week, but I just can’t get enough of this show.

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