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Adventure Time: Simon and Marcy, Review

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Sometimes, an episode of Adventure Time just hits you in the feels.


Spoilers Ahoy!

Alright, this was an episode that is one of the ones to watch if you’re really into learning the background of Ooo and how Ice King essentially became the crazy old man that he currently is. It starts with Marceline, Ice King, Finn and Jake playing basketball. When Marceline tells why she’s letting Simon play, and keeping him around, we flashback to 996 years before. There was a time when Ice King was just Simon, a survivor of The Mushroom War that ended human civilization and Marcy, the young vampire queen that becomes, obviously, Marceline.

Simon_and_Marcy_4It was really, really nice to see Simon (Ice King), trying his damndest to only wear the crown that gives him his powers (and escalating levels of insanity). When Simon wears the crown to protect Marcy, his white hair grows longer, as does his nose, his mind transforms into a furthur lunatic state. All he wanted to do was protect Marcy, and find her some chicken soup to make her feel better. He tries to entertain her, at one point He discovers a VHS tape nearby on the ground, and suggests they “watch” it – without a VHS player or electricity, he literally stares at the tape, then jokes that it was a boring movie and says the book is better. It’s just full of little nuggets of love and devotion, and how a man would do anything to protect little Marcy.

Also, rehashing “Cheers” on the broken TV screen, and that song being his ultimate deterrent in saving Marcy from slime creatures? Awesome.

There is just so, so much to get all warm and fuzzy about in this episode, and gives so much love to the Ice King in the end. When he tells Marceline to distract Finn and Jake while he scores some hoops. Flies up to the basket and keeps shoving the ball in and out, the little glimpse of Marceline just before it ended was a great touch.


Ugh, I’m so full of feels right now. Thank you Adventure Time, another great episode.

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