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Adventure Time: Season 5 Premier Episodes

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Finn The Human, and Jake The Dog. Those are the titles for the two part premier episode, while it was fun, I was let down.

Now I could break these two episodes into separate posts, but really they need to be watched at the same time. If you were hoping for some mind blowing world building or something after the season 4 finale episode, you’ll have to wait for that episode later in the season. Were these episodes still entertaining? Yes. First up is Finn the Human, which starts with Finn and Jake as they arrive just in time to see the Lich vanish after making his wish in Prismo’s Time Room, which was for the extinction of all life. After a short conversation with Prismo, Finn wishes that the Lich had never existed and is promptly transported into the reality created by his wish. This is where season 4 left off, with the weird looking Finn, who has parents, and Jake is just a…dog. Finn ends up finding a Simon Petrikov (Ice King) skeleton pinned under a massive mutation bomb (apparently what created the world of Ooo, but not in this timeline, obviously. Marceline pops out from behind a rock with Finn tries to take the crown to sell it so that he can keep the Destiny Gang from taking all of his families stuff. She then tells him of how Simon died when the Great Mushroom Bomb was deployed. He used his ice magic to freeze the bomb, but was crushed in the process. Where the hell were you GUNTHER? The crown, stricken with grief over the death of its master, then unleashed its power and froze the entire earth for 400 years. Now a incredibly old Marceline has been guarding the crown to ensure it never harmed anyone again. Finn takes the crown anyways, a bunch of shenanigans happen in town as Finn tries to sell it, the Destiny Gang ends up burning the town and moved on to Finn’s family and their house. So, obviously Finn then puts the crown on his head, and the power begins to flow through him.

Thus ending the first part of the premier.

Now, I was on the edge of my seat to see what happened with the next episode Jake The Dog, which was good, but really at the end, essentially wiped out anything that would have built upon the rich storyline of Ooo for a simple restart, minus Lich King. Basically, Finn is wearing the crown, getting all kinds of revenge, using the magic powers of the crown to crush the Destiny Gang, and doing generally progressively evil things, blowing up the Mushroom bomb and unleashing death. What’s Jake doing with his wish in Prismo’s Time Room? Sitting the hot-tub, and just hanging out with Prismo, who keeps giving Jake every opportunity to fine tune his single wish. So, they eat a sandwich (a failed wish Prismo made for him instead) and watch Finn on TV. So, Jake and Prismo are talking about relationships and why Prismo chooses to be single; then are joined by the Cosmic Owl who also hangs out with the two of them in Prismo’s jacuzzi. See, this is just the absurd, why the hell are they doing this? Humor in the show that I love, especially how Jake handles any situation with a “ehh” demeanor. Only after Cosmic Owl unmutes the TV does Jake realize what’s going on and try to come up with a way to use his wish to save him.

Kind of.

After Prismo explains how wishes have ironic consequences, Jake vomits and crumbles under the pressure. Which turns to Prismo SLOWLY trying to tell Jake what he should say, doing the whole “Liiiiicccccchhhhh” and Jake never catching onto the words until Prismo was done, it was great. So Prismo directly instructs Jake into making the one wish that can fix everything and return him and Finn to Ooo: wishing to change the Lich’s wish from the extinction of all life to wishing that Finn and Jake would be returned home to Ooo. When Finn and Jake are watching the Lich say his “new” wish, Prismo then points out to the observing Jake that thus even the Lich’s wish resulted in an unintended outcome for the Lich.

Finn and Jake go back to Ooo, everything is back to normal, minus a Lich. While both episodes were incredibly fun to watch, the ending was a big of a downer. Really though, who cares, Adventure Time is back, and we get another season of this glorious show.

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