Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time Season 4 Finale “The Lich”

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Oh. My. Glob. What just happened?

Spoilers AHOY

Alright, I’m trying to piece this together as I watched the episode, sat there with my mouth wide open in shock trying to comprehend what the hell happened with all the crazy mind blowing mathmatical science gee wiz stuff happening. So, I watched the episode again (thank goodness these things are crazy short). Again I sat there trying to figure out if Finn and Jake being dragged into the weird parallel center of all space time and dimension portal is going to have a lasting effect on the show or not. My assumption is that Season 5 is going to start like any other episode and they’ll just say something like “Remember when we got dragged into theat portal with The Lich and had that epic fight for all of the space time continuity? Yeah man, that was cool.” and just leave it at that, to torment us. Sometimes though, the thing about Adventure Time, for us older viewers with brains that can process complex ideas (come on, there is no way my five year old would care to try and sort this all out after watching) but the different dimensional Finn was playing a flute with his right arm that was all metal and had a claw hand. Jake the dog was…a dog, nothing more, and Finn’s mom called him inside for some reason. Did our Finn and Jake plop in their living room? Was all of it a distraction to just mess with our brains and leave us wringing our hands until the Season 5 premier episode? (Thankfully, starts on November 12th, so, three weeks) to

Is Billy dead? Or was The Lich using some kind of elaborate trick to make Finn and Jake help him gather all of magic crown jewels, which Lumpy Space Princess had the strangest one of all, the star on her head is a super long jewel, not…well, a marking, I guess it makes sense now, kinda… Princess Bubblegum as always is up late doing SCIENCE! Or making tiny candy people in an experiment and trying to maximize their productivity. When she picks up the little guy raking and then added all the legs, then just sets him down to observe, I giggled. PB is a hard character to pin down, but she seems to always know the answer to everything and apparently has an uncanny ability to be juuuuust too late to help use the information in a efficient manner.

It make take me a couple of re-watches of this episode to really get down to the nitty gritty of what went down, if I can even do it. I’ll wait until I get some more information on Season 5 before I go into the whole crazy observational “I WILL UNDERSTAND THIS.” mode. Adventure Time has never been about that though, so it might prove to be a waste of effort when the show just wants to do one thing, entertain your ass off for 12 minutes and then move on, wait for the next little adventure. I may have to do that, but man, sometimes Adventure Time makes me want to analyze it down to the core with these kinds of episodes.


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