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Adventure Time Season 3 Finale: Incendium

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Damn, the third season of Adventure Time has wrapped up, at least it went out on a high note. This episode was all about Jake trying to find a way to mend the broken heart of Finn, who really needs to get over Princess Bubblegum. The Finale starts with Princess Bubblegum (PB) showing Finn and Jake her new liquid fireworks. Finn makes an attempt to put his head on her lap after Jake is already doing so and getting attention from PB, but she pushes him away, saying, “Don’t be weird, Finn.”

So, as it starts to rain, Jake and Finn head inside, where Finn lays in a fetal position clutching that piece of hair from PB and looking at his pictures of her. When Jake tries to console him, Finn breaks into a song called “All Gummed Up Inside”, which went a little like this if you want to sing it yourself in times of being heartbroken. It might help if you can sing in Auto-tune like Finn though.

I can’t keep pushing this down any deeper,

Why do I keep trying if I can’t keep her?

Every move I make,

Is just another mistake,

I wonder what it would take,

Because it feels like there’s a hole inside my body,

Like there’s a hole inside my heart.

It’s like this feeling is gonna consume me if I keep waiting for this thing to start.

Oh I feel like I’m all gummed up inside,

It’s like I’m all gummed up inside,

It’s like I’m all gummed up insi-i-de.

Being the good brother and best bud that Jake is, he sets off to find a new Princess that is the same age as Finn. So when he stumbles across Flambo and gets taken to the Fire Kingdom to meet the Fire Princess that is the same age as Finn, Jake first gets a fire shield cast on him (Turning him blue) and then does his best to sway the opinion of the Fire King. After his three attempts to show the “Presents” from “Prince Finn” (just watch the episode for all the info) and a rocking guitar jam, Jake gets the chance to take Fire Princess to meet Finn. When she seems normal at first, but then freaks out when the fire people say she seems normal, Jake calls her a wacko and runs away. Naturally she follows him, nearly burns down Jake and Finn’s home, burning the pictures of PB next to the mourning Finn. Snapping Finn out of it he realizes just in time what is going on when the enraged Fire Princess gets doused is the ink fireworks PB had brought and diffuses her, sending her back to her normal form and falling from the sky, to be caught by the Valiant Finn. When she wakes up, still as her normal looking self, she asks why he doesn’t like her. When he replies that he DOES like her, she blushes, slaps him on the face and tells her not to mess with him again as she huffs out of the room.

The Finale ends with Finn telling Jake, “Dude, I think I have a crush.”

There you have it, and now, the long, sad wait until Season 4.

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