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Adventure Time “One Last Job” – Review

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What if I told you that Jake the Dog was at one point, a master criminal to rival that of George Clooney in the Ocean’s series, except a hell of a lot more badass?

Enter the latest episode of Adventure Time, “One Last Job”. The beginning of the episode is Jake sitting in the crow’s nest of their tree house passing judgment on lady birds when he received a VHS. After inserting the tape into BMO (rather sexily), we find that Jake Jr. (Kristen Schall) has been kidnapped and Jake has to return to his life of crime for one…last…job…

627His mission is to steal the Baker’s Shard from the most heavily guarded place in the Candy Kingdom, but he can’t do it himself. In this regard he enlists the help of the Flying Lettuce Brothers, Gareth, and Tiffany, all of them members of his old gang.

Some of you more astute AT fans might recall that on the Season 1 episode “My Two Favorite People” where we first saw Tiffany, Jake was cycling through his phone and actually touched on the other two members I noted earlier. You can’t beat this show for it’s continuity. Kids won’t pick up on that stuff, but the parents watching with them sure will.

Ok this was all information really that was given to us via the next episode teaser, everything from this point on is spoilers, so you’ve been warned.

Once the gang is all together, the plan is hatched to steal the Baker’s Shard. All goes according to plan until the double cross happens…and to be honest, if you couldn’t see this coming, you’re loony. His gang along with Jake Jr. (who is trying to follow in her dad’s footsteps) make a getaway from which we see Jake bend the laws of his shapeshifting abilities in one of the coolest chases you can have on an 11 minute cartoon.

All in all, as far as this episode goes, I quite enjoyed watching it. Would I call it my favorite of this season so far? Close, but it’s still got a long ways to go before Puhoy is taken from the top of the list. I always love hearing BMO talk jive and show his dual-persona to others who know he has it…plus they made a couple of butt jokes with BMO, and I find that cute no matter how many times they go to that well.

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