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Adventure Time: No One Can Hear You – Mini Review

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Freak Deer, Broken Legs, and a crazy(er) Jake, it’s Adventure Time!

Freak deer beats the crap out of Finn, when Finn wakes up, he’s alone in a hospital and after wheeling himself around he appears to be the only one alive in the Candy Kingdom.

When he does find someone, it’s Hobo Jake! With a little hobo jingle. He’s made a hobo shack in the middle of town and is waiting for everyone to surprise him for his birthday. Hey why is his head all wrapped in bandages?

Another fun episode of Adventure Time logged in for this season. The post apoc dystopian dork in me liked the abandoned setting, and Jake being creepy as hell really made it all fun. Really, not a TON happens in this episode, aside from hobo Jake being a crazy hobo and Finn just trying to figure out what happened. It is all good though and well worth the watch.

That damn Deer.

Clip courtesy of Cartoon Network

Adventure Time: No One Can Hear You from WatchPlayread.com on Vimeo.

Episode Preview (Extended)

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