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Adventure Time: Mystery Dungeon, Review

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What happens when Lemongrab, Tree Trunks, Neptr, Shelby and Ice King wake up in a dungeon together? A MYSTERY (of sorts).


Spoilers AHOY!

Alright, diving into this episode is going to be a little interesting. The five of them have been knocked out, who Neptr was knocked out, I don’t know, but let’s just ignore that. They’re in a dungeon! With Lemongrab! ACCEPTABLE! Right off that bat, you can tell as they’re reading the words in the wall that each one of them holds a piece to escaping the rooms and finding the exit, to what ends though?

The words read:

Awake, avast, hold tight your buns, if buns you do hold dear
For time has come to wake and run and not give way to fear
Beyond this room are a thousand rooms, outside of them still more
Behind each door, on every floor, danger, danger, ever more.
Stranger, hark! The traps galore may kill you whilst you do explore
To free yourself from this tomb, and nevermore re-enter
Find the room amidst the rooms that lies exactly center.

So, when the walls start closing in, and Lemongrab scratches the floor with his finger releasing the first door, they all fall into the next room. A room which has…an oven! And…stuff to make apple pies! Tree Trunks is up, after scolding Lemongrab (nobody is more polite than Tree Trunks, only she can apparently put Lemongrab in his place) she makes a delicious pie, which then lures a giant rat out of a secret panel in the ground and it eats the pie. Naturally Lemongrab is there to deck it and try to eat the pie while it’s half chewed in the rat’s mouth.

Yeah, that was kinda gross there Lemongrab.

My favorite part was toward the end, when they’ve reached their destination, which is a Magi of sorts that will bring anything to life. “Like an Ashtray?” Tree Trunks asked, but Ice King has something else in mind, his Fiona and Cake Fan Fiction Book! Though, if you remember from the first episode of this season when Prismo tells Jake about how sometimes wishs don’t go as you planned because well, ironic consequences. Now, this isn’t a wish per say, but, close enough. Ice King wants the characters and everything else to be real in his story he created. So, when he tosses the book into the magi’s flame to make it real he….made the book itself real. Real, stupid. Immediately the book starts farting and beating up Ice King.


So much for that.

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