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Adventure Time “Memory of a Memory” – Mini Review

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Seriously you don’t expect a full review of a show that is probably only 11 minutes long?

Last night was a great new episode in Memory of a Memory, Jake and Finn are tricked into going into Marcelines mind so that she will wake up from a sleep spell she casted on herself. Their goal according to the wizard is to steal a certain memory that will wake her up, instead it turns out to be a bad piece of her past.

I had a great time with the episode, and my favorite part was when Finn takes Marceline into his mind so that he can show her the memory that was stolen and thus giving it back to her. You get this cute little outtake of a baby Finn singing to himself in the mirror (and yes, he’s still wearing the hat!). Second best part, when Fin and Marceline are beating up and jumping on the revealed wizard and Jakes giant foot comes out of nowhere and crushes him, with immediate end credits.


Such a damn good show.


And the song Lyrics thanks to a most awesome wiki:

‘m a buff baby that can dance like a man.

I can shake-ah my fanny, I can shake-ah my cans.

I’m a tough, tootin’ baby, I can punch-ah your buns.

Punch-ah your buns, I can punch-ah your buns. If you’re an evil witch, I will punch you for fun!

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