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Adventure Time: Love Games, Review

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I_Love_Games_TitlecardFinn is depressed about his breakup with Flame Princess, so, he gets married to….slime princess?

Spoilers Ahoy!

Alright, so, we start the episode with Finn and Jake doing a recording of their own show, BMO is acting as the sound board delivering all of the audience applause and such. When they’re interrupted by Slime Princess, who asks Finn to marry her. Ice King, who is still living with them as Gunther is rebuilding the Ice Kingdom (Seriously, there have to be some repercussions of that) after his mega fight with Flame Princess essentially turned the Ice Kingdom into a soggy wet place; enthusiastically says he’ll do it.

Ignoring that crazy bastard, Finn reluctantly agrees. Goes to the Slime Kingdom and ends up competing in the Love Games as mandated by Elder Plops. See, Slime Princess needs Finn to marry her or else she will lose the slime kingdom to her sister Blargatha. First off, excellent naming choices on this episode by writer Cole Sanchez.

Finn Spooning Slime Princess

Blargatha, along with her new husband Guillermo that has a speech problem and a more…anything communicative problem, are planning to conquer Ooo. So in the spirit of three competitions; Crooning, Spooning and Smooching (Plops is really sorry Smooching didn’t rhyme) the winners will decide the ultimate fate of the Slime Kingdom. I have to tip my hat to Cole Sanchez for creating these games, especially how he decided to go with Spooning, I couldn’t stop laughing. There is no true love, if there is no Spooning.

I’m trying to remember if previous seasons have been like this, but I don’t think there has been that much continuity of a story line (Finn and Flame Princess romance/breakup) than there has been with a majority of the episodes touching on this theme. Make Jake and Lady Rainicorns relationship, but they’re pretty broken up between episodes. Finn is clearly heartbroken over Flame Princess, but he’s just a kid and still trying to find his resolve over this. I don’t think that will be coming anytime soon though. This season has been very well executed so far, Love Games is a nice addition to it. The song Finn sings during the Crooning games was a touching, poor kid, first time true loves are never hard to get over – song. Hopefully he finds some Dungeon Monsters to punch in the face soon.

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