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Adventure Time – Lemonhope Part 1 & Part 2, Review

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lemonhope part 1 titlecard

Spoilers, Ahoy!

I want to start by saying that while I love the one and done episode format of Adventure Time, I love even more when we get these half hour two part episodes. It allows for more story telling and building the world of Ooo. Lemonhope Part 1 and Part 2 did not disappoint.

Lemonhope is the only one who can stop the tyranny that is the Earl of Lemongrab. Which we see if full old timey news real as the fat Earl of Lemongrab shows how that without Lemonhope he has secured full oppression of all his subjects. While you hope that Princess Bubblegum as been able to get Lemonhope more inspired to take down the Earl, Lemonhope is indifferent to it all. He just wants to be free to do his own thing, even if he keeps having recurring nightmares about what he knows he truly needs to do. The weight of his burden is increasingly effecting Lemonhope as he does everything he can to avoid his destiny. Including running away. Singing a song of Freedom. Though Lemonhope manages to get onto a pirate ship of sorts, he’s knocked out when crates fall on him in the storage hold and the ship is suddenly wrecked in the middle of a desert. Lemonhope has another nightmare and is found living inside the ship, defending from scorpions with his music. He’s been living off of limes and you can tell he’s lost weight. Trying to squeeze the last lemon and having no juice left in it, he sets out into the desert to try to find water. After a long period of searching, dragging himself through the sands, singing his song of Freedom. A fire starts on his head and lays there in the sand, whispering “Freedom.”


In part 2, with the help of Phlannel Boxingday and his cloud ship thingy, they fight off monsters and Lemonhope comes to realize that the only way to make his nightmares go away is to face the one thing he doesn’t want to do. Unseat the Earl of Lemongrab from his fat seat of power. With the music of his harp, he is able to make the Earl of Lemongrab explode releasing all the Lemonpeople stuck inside his body that he had eaten. (PB puts him back together and he’s “normal” again, go figure) When we expect Lemonhope to stand up as the new leader, he declines. He wants his freedom, he did what he needed to do for the people and for himself. He wants to explore freedom and will be back in “Probably 1,000 years”. It’s a rather anti-climatic ending really.

Here is the final touching song that Princess Bubblegum (voiced by Hynden Walch) sings in a solo, all wording is thanks to Closed Captions on my TV It’s been stuck in my head since I watched it some 4 times in a row. I know. I’m a sap. We get this song as the episode closes. While the song is playing, we watch a much, much older Lemonhope (did he literally take a 1,000 years to come back?) with long hair, and some crazy force-field armor. He’s going through a post-apoc wasteland, is it the Candy Kingdom? Anyways, he comes back to Castle Lemongrab and finds a bed to crash in. It was a very touching end to this story as the song finishes. I hope this isn’t the last of Lemonhope.

Young Lemonhope
Born from Candy and Glue
Creator of Beauty
And Ugliness, too

Poor Lemonhope
I found you in the dark
You lived in the bathroom
Now live in our hearts

Sweet Lemonhope
Freed by hard sacrifice
To live in the Kingdom of Sugar and Spice

Lost LemonHope
Longed for Freedom Above
Compassion or friendship
Wisdom or Love

Strong Lemonhope
Risking freedome and health
Came back for his brothers
and for himself

Safe Lemonhope
No more will you roam
once you were lost
and now you’re back home

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