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Adventure Time: “King Worm” Review

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Sometimes, Adventure Time is crazy weird, mathematically crazy weird. Then it turns out to be some of my favorite episodes.

Spoilers Ahoy!

So, when Finn wakes up to find Princess Bubblegum calling him husband, you know stuff is going to just get interesting from there. One thing I really liked about this episode was all the just random things that happened. From Lady Rainicorn having two mouths to Joshua knitting a scarf to an ocean coming out of Finns bellybutton. Those barely scrape the surface of all the shenanigans this episode. I will say that one of my favorite parts was after King Worm takes off super fast Finn and Jake realize they can’t catch him, so they get “Big ‘ol Legs!”. Since it’s a dreamscape being controlled by the King Worm, they have to break him to get out of it. Which if anybody wishes they could control their dreams and have anything happen, this is one of those times.

Unless a King Worm is trying to drain your life energy.

Good thing Jake told Finn after he made a sword that could punch a hole in the wall that then turned into a face eating shark that even though he can control his dreams putting his fears into it can break the dreamscape being held by King Worm. SO, naturally Finn finally discovers this and you get all of Finns fears escaping through his belly button, weakening King Worm, and then a clown putting the final nail in the fear coffin to set Finn free.

I don’t know how everything still manages to stay so fresh with this show, even when they just go off the deep end with some episode concepts, it all fits in and so many things tie in from other episodes that reward fans who pay attention to the details. I chuckled when Ice King was running away from something and called them Fiona and Cake, which confused Finn and Jake, then a bunch of penguin monsters attacked, it was pretty funny.


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