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Adventure Time – James, TV Review

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Sometimes, someone has to sacrifice themselves for the team. So, you just send James on a suicide mission.

James titlecard

This is obviously going to be an episode that will be resolved at a later date. Jake, Finn and Princess Bubblegum are out exploring some territory that PB wants to expand the Candy Kingdom into. They come to a spot that is high in radiation and they go investigate. What they find down there is a bunch of those weird toxic things that are barfing toxic waste onto everything. We first saw them on the Simon and Marcy episode from right after The Mushroom War. These things have a very long shelf life it seems, and PB knows about them enough that I really question just how long she has been around. She said they are “from another time” the exact time would be 996 years ago.

James Adventure TimeThe namesake of this episode, James, is a new member of the Candy Kingdom. He’s like a ice cream sandwich of sorts, is really goofy and likes to make lots of sounds. Much to the annoyance of Jake, who keeps making his mouth really big to yell about James, or Jake puffs himself up every time James does something annoying.

At least James has a lucky penny!

Then he wrecked the radio with it. But, lucky right?

After this episode, and James coming back as a toxic waste zombie thing saying vrrrt vrrrrrt. I’m wondering how Finn, Jake and PB will be able to fight them off if they multiply. Hopefully the Gumball Guardians know what to do.

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