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Adventure Time: James Baxter the Horse, TV Review

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Jaaaaaaaames Baxtttterrr! Seriously, it’s a horse named James Baxter that walks on a beach ball bringing happiness to the world of Ooo.


This episode was right up there on the silly scale. Why do I have a silly scale? 1) I’m weird. 2)It’s “a kids show” remember? Regardless, a horse on a beach ball neighing it’s name to the delight of everyone that is sad, ever is a pretty high concept silliness. We start out the episode with BMO singing to an egg strapped to his chest singing about how the egg is his baby. Wait, BMO is a boy right? His song was kinda confusing, BMO is apparently open for any kind of relationship, regardless of sexual orientation. Though, I think he’s still dating Bubble, who popped and became simply air and said he’d always be around BMO. Where was I?

James Baxter apparently comes around on his beachball (which folds up into a dapper hat when he’s not rolling on the ball) spreading love and good feels all around. Naturally, FInn and Jake want to play a part also, so they try to come up with a duo of tunes that will make people instantly cheer up.

sad girl

It…didn’t work so well on the first try.

So. Jake, Finn and BMO go to the sound institute and create the perfect sound to hit someone deeply in the feels. But it’s not until the discover that Baxter has his ball that adds the special element, so, Jake turns into a trumpet that Finn plays and then Finn rides him like a beachball to get their special tunes into people and make them happy.

Yeah, I told you it gets a bit silly. Where it doesn’t? The creepy skittering skeleton that pops out of the casket with the sad evil giant ghost thing that nearly kills Finn and Jake.

How do they survive?


James. Baxter.

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