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Adventure Time: Jake vs Me-Mow – Mini Review

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Fan Created Characters, Assassination attempts, a lovely Lullaby, and giant livers. Only on Adventure Time!

We begin Wildberry Princess making meat (of course she would never make a berry filled one) filled pies for Finn and Jake in her house. As she bends down to place her oven mitt in the draw, she notices a tiny opening appears on one of her pies, but disregards it and carries it to the table. Someone is going to try and kill her!

Enter Me-Mow, tiny cat assassin that is there to kill Wildberry Princess, so…he naturally hides in Jakes nose and threatens to kill him. We get Jake attempting to trick Me-Mow, even going to such length as to get Finn to sing the lullaby that their mom used to sing to put them to sleep. I’m not sure how potent this song was because I had to rewind to hear it after nearly falling asleep for reals the first time around. It went a little something like this.

Don’t be weepy sleepy puppies
Slip your slippers on your footies
In the morning you’ll get goodies
Puppy hats and puppy hoodies

No stripes or polk-a-dots
Heather grey and feather soft
Baby pink or baby blue…
All the draw strings you can chew…

Eventually we get Jake injected with the poison and when Me-Mow tells him it’s 50 times stronger than him, Jake just makes his liver 51 times bigger and cures himself of the poison. I have to say that my favorite part was right after Wildberry says that Me-Mow could be a royal pet, Me-Mow responds by leaping at the princess to kill her, but at the last moment the princess pops her berries and Me-Mow falls off the cliff. While Finn and Jake congratulate her ability, Wildberry Princess tells them it is a medical condition and she needs to see a hospital.

It was another entertaining episode, even if it was 4am in the morning and I was half asleep trying to get my daughter to stop fussing so I could put her in the crib.

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