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Adventure Time: Jake the Dad, Episode Review

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Adventure Time addresses the super serious topic of fatherhood, in only a way that Adventure Time could. Seriously, why is it that everyone either doesn’t have a father or in the case of Lumpy Space Princess, that father isn’t on the show? Well, I guess you can’t go on as many adventures with parents around, trying to keep you safe, much like Jake displayed.

As a Dad, this episode hit me on a bunch of levels, lets start at the beginning though. Finn (wearing a Best Unkle shirt, that is upside down) and BMO go to visit Jake and Lady Rainicorn at her place, where Jake reveals the pups; Charlie, Jake Jr., T.V., Viola, and Kim Kil Whan. Each pup is a very assorted mixing of their parental heritage, and seem to have inherited Jake’s ability to have some kind of powers, though not the same as dad. Finn and BMO leave, and Jake doesn’t feel right, so he takes up Guard duty during the night.

S5e6_Jake_holding_his_puppiesThis lead to my favorite part, that I think every parent has experienced at some point. Jake gets up and goes to make Lady Rainicorn and the pups french toast with the help of the holo-message book his mom had. He can’t help but walk over and admire his pups, but soon becomes distracted when he notices that the pups are not moving. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only parent that’s looked that their baby, poked them to make them move, when you got no reaction you try to stare or put a finger under their nose to see if their breathing. Just, weird first time parent freaking out, which you know, Jake would totally never do. When he can’t take it anymore, he asks the holo-message what it means when the pups are not moving, to which it replies by screaming “OH MY GLOB THEY ARE DEAD PERFORM CPR”. Jake freaks out and wakes them up with slobbery attempts at forcing air on them, naturally they wake up all cute and give you that “What the hell is your problem?” look. Ah, Fatherhood.

Cue to part two of something every first time parent probably experiences. Book time with old books that don’t seem so appropriate anymore, but you don’t notice until you’ve already started reading it aloud. So, when Jake is reading the kids (who’ve grown considerably in a day) ‘Baby Eating Fox and the Babies’, he ends up throwing the book outside, which gets found by Foxes, who never thought of eating babies before; now, they want to eat babies.

Didn’t see that coming did you?


I had fun with this episode, as it’s been a while since the holiday break left us waiting for a month for new episodes. I’m glad it came back, and even more glad that apparently Rainicorn pups grow fast, it’ll make sense when you watch the episode, especially the end. I’ll just say, there’s nothing like bonding with your kinds, like actually bonding with you kids to form a Super Pup suit to kick a bunch of foxes asses.

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