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Adventure Time: In Your Footsteps, Mini-Review

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Sometimes, you just need a wonky breather episode, I present to you, “In Your Footsteps”.

A bear wearing a mask pretending to be Finn will work too.

What happens when a Bear crashes a dancing party with Princess Bubblegum and the candy people? Well, it chokes on the peanuts that Finn was eating. Thankfully, Finn keeps the Enchiridion in his backpack. (Which he said they only really use it for sitting on when the ground is wet) So, they saved the bear, which follows them home and starts to mimic Finn. Yes, this is where the episode is headed, a bear doing everything that Finn does to the point of impersonation of how Finn dresses, which was funny.

Come on, any time a bear is wearing clothing, especially the “Bear” ears that Finn wears as a mask/hat. They’re bear ears right? I thought I saw that somewhere. Regardless, Jake doesn’t trust this bear, one bit. So when they find the bear dancing with PB and the Candy people at night, and the whole unmasking you’d think the episode had run it’s course.

I didn’t see the end coming. Which if you’ve read this whole thing so far I’ve spoiled the hell out of the episode so… The Lich is still possessing the waving snail? When the bear handed him the Echiridion he said, “Yes! Now we are one step closer!”. I’d also like to note that this is the first time the snail has ever actually spoken. So we may be in for some Snail related episodes.


What do they have in store for us with the Waving Snail and his Lich possessed body? I can only dream, until then, I’ll watch “Mortal Folly” and “Mortal Recoil” to refresh my memory on The Lich episodes.

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