Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Ignition Point, TV Review

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An episode that starts with farting into a bag, floating it into the air and then blowing it up can only end well.

This episode is pretty simple, Fire Princess misses some of her scented candles that are in her former dungeon, so Jake and Finn decide to go looking for them after the find Flambo farting under a rock. Yes, the maturity level in this episode is that low Flambo puts a spell on Jake and Finn so they can go into the fire kingdom to retrieve the candles, but while in the process they overhear two guys talking about killing the king! Of course they have to save the day, so, as they’re sneaking through a hallway with nowhere to hide, they pretend to be a picture. Finn posing and Jake turning himself into a background. It was pretty funny, especially when the guards stop and start talking all arty about the “new picture” that is in the hallway. Then the guards decide to go get some snacks, and start chanting “Snacks! Snacks! Snacks!” down the hallway. It was one of the high points in the episode for me. Something we learn this episode thanks to the Fire King is that Everyone in the Fire Kingdom is evil, even the Princess, but maybe if someone was good enough she could become good. Then at the very end, weget the fire king hiding in the scented candles and he whispers “Evil, Evil, evil evil evil, EVIL!” while flame princess sleeps, startling her when she wakes up.

I can’t stand how short these episodes end up being (11-12 minutes) I’d kill (preferably something evil) to get a longer episode length for Adventure Time, but that would probably just screw up everything that makes this show so funny.


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