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Adventure Time: I Remember You, TV Review

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Ice King is one crazy old bastard, but it’s the episodes like this that make you feel sorry for the bugger. I love it when Adventure Time adds that extra layer of goodness to their characters. I Remember You didn’t disappoint in any way.

We start off I Remember You with Ice King up to his usual bat-crazy antics, wearing a black wig and singing a Gunther version Marceline’s Fry Song. He then decides he wants to make his own song about the various Princess’s in Ooo to charm them over. He tears pages out of his journal that have scribblings all over it and flies over with his flapping beard to Marceline’s with Gunther in tow. Finn and Jake see this happening, suspect something foul is happening and follow dear old Ice King.

This whole episode is mostly based on the big reveals that happen inside the house as Ice King continues with his lunatic rants and Marceline telling him he’s crazy, then singing a song about how she’s crazy too for liking him. When Ice King breaks into his song about Princesses, and Bubblegum mostly, tearfully singing why does he have to be so alone, while firing ice bolts into the ceiling was a nice moment. When she gives Ice King a hug out of pity, he tries to kiss her, which leads us to his true name, Simon, which was what his name was before The Mushroom War that created the post apoc landscape of Ooo. It turns out that as Ice King was still just starting on going insane, and while he was still Simon, he befriended a young child Marceline right after the war seemed to have leveled it’s full destruction.

While Ice King declared himself a lyricist and tossed the journal pages at now full grown Marceline, she tried to tell him who he used to be, but he’d forgotten and can’t comprehend it at all to remember. As she reads the back of a photo of her he had taken so long ago she starts to realize what happened. Simon had scrawled notes all over about how he was losing his mind because of the crown, and telling Marceline that he was sorry that he is going crazy, but he can’t stop it. It was a touching moment as she started singing the scrawlings and notes at the request of Ice King, who thought they were lyrics to a song, not notes from his past about his looming dementia.

As weird as Ice King can be sometimes, and how his longing to stop being so alone, despite him being crazy as hell I always like the character because of these kind of moments. He was once a smart guy, but the magic power in the crown corrupted his mind, he’s the guy you feel sorry for but still find reasons to love him nonetheless.

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