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Adventure Time ‘Hitman’ – Mini Review

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One thing I don’t like about this show, sometimes the 11 minutes of the actual thing goes by way too fast. This week, Ice King gets grounded when Finn and Jake have to bust him for treating to put love potions in the Breakfast Princesses food. Yes. Breakfast Princesses. With Bacon hair and anything, I’d marry them for sure just for an endless supply of breakfast. mmm. Back to the episode.

Ice King is pissed, because he got grounded by someone who really has no authority over him, that’s just the silliness of this show. So, Ice King does the logical thing, hires a hitman named Scorcher to ‘hit’ Finn and Jake. Which he assumed would be in the gut…or shoulder. Well, Ice King actually just hired a guy who is intent of killing them by fire. We get more Ice King foolery, more Finn yelling at Ice King that he’s grounded. Then, my favorite part hiring a hitman to kill the hitman, which obviously doesn’t work. Then your nearly random/weird ending of well, you’ll have to watch for yourself.

Is it just me, or did the animation quality seem to take a drop this episode? You’d think that with all the hype from San Diego Comic Con they pushed and received that they would have had a lineup of shows looking nice and crisp. It mostly looked like very rushed animation to me this time around.


Or, I’m just being picky.

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