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Adventure Time: Goliad, Mini Review

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What happens when Princess Bubblegum reflects on her mortality because of the Lich King and then creates the perfect successor? It abuses it’s power and has to be stopped. We all kinda saw that coming I think.

I am very attracted to this image.

This was one of those perspective episodes where I found myself thinking more about the underlying story of what was going on instead of just being a dork and giggling at everything. Yes, I can be serious sometimes. Basically, PB creates Goliad because of her near death experience at the hands of the Lich King. Goliad would serve as heir apparent until she died and would rule in her stead. So who are the first people to teach Goliad about how to be a good ruler because PB is extremely tired and practically losing her mind from exhaustion? Finn and Jake of course.

So, when Jake loses his cool with a bunch of school kids, Goliad naturally takes that yelling and bossing people around is how to get things done, and after Finn tries to tell Goliad to relax and let her “third eye” see her through a problem. A third eye pops out of her head and uses mind control to make Finn accomplish a task The way this show takes things literally sometimes is such a nice touch. So when PB comes out to see what is going on (apparently sleeping for 5 minutes has helped her regain her sanity and given her a clear head to think again) she tries to explain how to rule the kingdom by using a metaphor that compromise is the best way to rule, citing how a bee and a flower help each other. Goliad counters by explaining that the bee doesn’t care if it hurts or kills the flower because the flower is weaker. Goliad states that she is the strongest so she is in control. Then precedes to start reading minds and try to out maneuver everyone. PB goes to make a new form of Candy Sphinx because this one is obviously corrupted.

Finn narrowly avoids revealing the plan by interrupting his memories with nonsense. The new creature; another sphinx with an eagle’s head, white feathers, and golden hair; rescues Finn and battles Goliad. Goliad tries to convince her brother, named Stormo, that they should work together, but Stormo refuses by screeching. They engage in a psychic showdown, but with their powers matched the two creatures are eternally locked in a mental stalemate. Princess Bubblegum tells Finn that Stormo was created using DNA from the hair she took earlier, and thus inherited Finn’s heroic qualities. That was why he saved Finn instead of controlling them, and why he sacrificed himself to keep Goliad in check for all eternity. Finn realizes that Stormo is like a son to him, and wishes him a Happy Birthday.

In short, Finn is a Daddy! I hope they revisit this somewhere down the road.

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