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Adventure Time “Frost & Fire” – Review

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You know things are really bad when you have to take relationship advice from the Cosmic Owl, Ice King, and Jake the Dog.

This week’s new episode starts off innocently enough with Finn The Human sitting around with his fresh squeeze Flame Princess having a time together outdoors when Finn starts handing items for FP to hold and subsequently incinerate. Everything is going swimmingly until he hands her a log (nice Twins Peaks reference by the way), which causes a close-flying-by Ice King to start heckling the couple…well FP really.

Finn tries half-assedly to defend his girl’s honor but as the Ice King is flying much too high for fighting, he can’t exactly reach. At this point FP decides to take matters into her own hands and trounces Simon and sets his ‘hams’ aflame which was the funniest part of this episode for me and my munchkins.

629px-Flame_Princess_to_Ice_KingThe fight gets under Finn’s skin as observed by the dream he has that night of FP roasting his nethers ever so nicely, seriously…this show sometimes borders on the “don’t know if for kids anymore” line really hard. However, the more astute of watchers probably noticed the inclusion of The Cosmic Owl.

Finn doesn’t get to finish the dream but hopes to, so he starts another comical fight between FP and Ice King, this time on IK’s territory. The best sight gag this episode is when Simon summons snow elementals to fight on his behalf only to have them fall apart so very easily.

During the battle, IK gets the drop on FP and manages to drain her heat, leaving Finn unfulfilled IRL and in his dream as now it’s IK who is doing a element blast on Finn’s junk…again Cosmic Owl shows up.

You guys don’t need a play by play for the whole thing, but this episode severely impressed me with how adult it got while still remaining extremely lighthearted and fun. Each fight between the giants of elements was a blast to watch, seeing all of the dream sequences played out, and hearing Peebles say more German was all worth the price of admission.

The final moments of the episode where FP is hurt with the deception that FTH used to get her and IK to fight and tells Finn they need some alone time broke my heart. For the first time in so many seasons, Finn actually gets to know love only to have it go away because he’s an ass.


Overall I was thoroughly impressed with this week’s episode, especially the running gag of “Ya blew it” which is a common used phrase between Editors here at WPR. The only thing I thought could have made it any better would be to include one of my favorite characters from the Ice Kingdom, the Snow Golem. I wonder how he and the fire wolf puppy are doing these days?

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