Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: From Bad to Worse – Mini Review

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Zombies! Better cure it with Science!

Oh Glob! Zombies are back in the Land of Ooo, and it’s all PB’s fault again! Well, mostly Cinnamon Bun, that’s we get when he’s hungry, and eats some zombie flesh Bubblegum was testing on to make a cure. Then SHE get’s bitten, and tells Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess and Lady Rainicorn to use science to fix the problem.

So we get a long scene of them all mixing things and having no idea what their doing. It’s funny what happens to the zombies as they each test their “cures”. My favorite was when one of the cures gave the zombies wings. Mr. Peppercorn? Whatever his name was, was talking about how nice it was to be high up on the wall, then a flying zombie picks him up and throws him through a window to let the zombies into the house.

Eventually Finn figures out how to use “Science” to fix the zombie problem, and well, you’ll have to watch it to see what happens.

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