Ryan Thomason

Adventure Time: Five More Short Graybles

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Cuber is back! More Short Graybles for you to follow intently trying to guess what the theme is and then find yourself completely wrong at the end. Damn you Cuber. Damn you to Grayble.

These Graybles focused on; Finn and Jake (Sweet), Marceline (Savory), Tree Trunks (Sour), Ice King (Salty) and BMO(Bitter-Sweet Finale).

First off, Jake shows fin what he thinks is a warlock spell-book, that is actually an old pre-Mushroom War book of nursery rhymes. Jake reads “Little Jack Horner” thinking it’s a spell, so when it fails, they decide to stick their thumbs into everything in Ooo and say “oh, What a good boy am I” The things I noticed that got thumbed were, an ant hill, bird’s nets, a bottle, a tree, a flower, Lady Rainicorn, a chipmunk, a mushroom and a toad. In Marceline’s story, she is searching for Wizard Bills music store, and she finds a Rock Giant, that points to the store with his incredibly long arm that busts through the door at the end of his pointing. Marceline can’t see it, so she asks the giant to point again, hitching a ride on his index finger to the store, where she gets a bass that she rocks out on. Tree Trunks, who I love dearly as one of the weird characters, thinks someone was making an obscene gesture at her. When she goes to the banana guards, they’re no help, down to writing down her name on some paper. After Tree Trunks get’s Cinnamon Bun and the Gumdrop Lasses to unite against this mean person, she realizes that it was just a statue and Shelby (a worm) was sitting on the middle finger reading a book. Oh Ice King. So desperate for love, he draws a face on his foot, marries it, the Gunthers drink his good luck tears of joy, and then he falls in love with his other foot that he drew a face on. Crazy old bastard. Lastly, we have BMO, who sometimes just scares me with his cuteness and his slightly will murder you in your sleep craziness. He’s talking to “Football” or, his reflection in the window. Teaching it how to drink tea with a proper pinky finger. Nearly shorts himself out in the process because him and football keep having a back in forth about how to drink it properly, spilling tea all over himself every time. Eventually Finn and Jake come in from their Thumb poking, and BMO tells them to stick their thumbs in his controllers and play a game called “Super Good Boys”

When Cuber announces the theme, which is the five tastes, I was thinking the whole time it was the fingers on a hand. Cuber then laughs and states that people haven’t had five fingers in “twently Blabillion glaybles.” Then ends the episode.

Seriously Adventure Time, could you be more random? Still, I had fun watching regardless.

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