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Adventure Time Episode Review: Joshua and Margaret Investigations

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designed by Michael DeForge and painted by Nick Jennings. Courtesy of http://kingofooo.tumblr.com/

designed by Michael DeForge and painted by Nick Jennings. Courtesy of http://kingofooo.tumblr.com/

Well, that’s an interesting turn of events.

After what seems like a long string of non-Finn and Jake centrist episodes (I’m not complaining), Joshua and Margaret Investigations starts off with Jake’s birthday celebration. Which then leads Jake into telling the story of when he was born. There hasn’t been a lot of history into the parents of our heroes, so having this much of an episode focus on them was a nice little treat. Joshua and Margaret own and operate an investigation company of sort. I’m assuming they’re like a kind of clandestine Private Investigators of Ooo. Jake’s mom is all sorts of awesome with a crossbow, and a giant wall of weaponry. (The Demon Blood Sword is on the left side of Margaret’s weapon room and funnily enough I saw a Pokeball on the right side!) After passing on some rather fun adventures on the tip line they have (small fire goblin burning down the forest outside candy kingdom was actually Fire Princess!) and Joshua decides that investigating pies being stolen in the countryside is safe for his pregnant wife. Well, as we all know only Tree Trunks can make the best apple pies that are being stolen when she’s cooling them off in the window. After searching to hunt down the monster, Jake ends up being bitten and poised by the venom of a shape shifting alien…hmmm? Joshua is getting incredibly sick, eventually having some kind of bulbous ink colored (like the monster they fought) popping out of the top of his head.

It’s only after Margaret is able to steal venom from the alien that we get the demonic laugh before it enters into some kind of extra-dimensional portal. All the while, the baby in her belly is ready to come out, she’s been fighting it abut in the end of the episode, she can’t wait any longer. Just as the large growth on the top of Joshua’s head bursts open it reveals…baby Jake. Dancing much like the alien popping out in the movie Spaceballs. Margaret pops out Jermaine, Jake’s younger brother, and essentially the episode ends.

Baby Jake

What this all really means is that Jake is actually not the natural son of both Joshua and Margaret, he’s a dog/alien hybrid. Which means Jake did not get his powers rolling around in magic mud as a puppy like he thinks. What impact this has on the series going forward? We may never know. Sometimes Adventure Time comes out with a big episode like this that does a major reveal and then just forgets about it for a season and then whacks you in the face with remembrance. For now, we know Jake is half alien, and his “Alien Father” does not seem like a nice dude, but does have some wicked powers.

Hopefully next week we get a full on Finn and Jake episode, it feels like it’s been a while since they’ve had an adventure. Until then, watch out for weird monsters that might bite you and make babies pop off the top of your head.

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