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Adventure Time Episode Review: Astral Plane

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Well, things sure got interesting from this episode Astral Plane. With the tie in from Evergreen being the once every thousand years Catalyst Comet. But…is this really the comet? That, and we get another (possible) death, not on Ooo; but it breaks my heart all the same.

Astral Plane

Warning. There be spoilers ahead, cover your butts.

The episode starts showing Finn and Jake laying down next to a campfire, with Finn waxing the philosophical. Stargazing at a star that twinkles particularly different. When they fall asleep, we find out the star Finn was looking at is actually the Catalyst Comet, that comes once every thousand years to “bring something or someone that causes great change.” When Finn starts floating through his out of body experience, because of the comet, how is he connected? In Evergreen we learned the Ice Crown was created to stop the Catalyst Comet with a single powerful wish, when wizard Evergreen was trapped in debris and his “assistant” lizard, Gunther used the crown instead. Well, now we know why Ice King is nutzo.

Floating around, ever more upward toward space. Finn checks in on Mr. Fox, Bouncy House Princess, Ice King getting a little too “chillin” at the Cloud Kingdom party, Marcelene dropping a new hit song, Space Lards, the BIRTH of a Space Lard, then finally floating over to the Martian Utopia on Mars. We saw a small part of all this in the preview Cartoon Network sent.

Let’s break down all the visit quickly and what we learned that I thought was fun at the least. I’m sure there is more, but that requires more viewings of this episode. One, Mr. Fox apparently has out of body experiences when he sleeps, we already kind of knew this from Five Short Graybles. Bouncy House Princess is so terrified of being popped that when a porcupine breaks into her house, she has to go into a panic room. Also, porcupines will eat your food and accidentally open panic rooms. BHP also likes to count while brushing her hair. Ice King drops pickup lines that he’s good buds with Finn. Also, freezing cloud people in ice, eventually they just fall through the clouds to the ground. Marcelenes new song can be sang thusly:

What can I do?
Time will unbind our memory glue,
And I’ll be as nobody-ish as all of you.
So don’t care about a thing now,
Like a trash bag when it’s windy out,
Like a butt that has a face,
Dutch boxing up the palace.
Yeah girl it stinks…
Do, Do, Do, Do, Do, Do, Do, Do

Space Lards are pretty cool, and very, very fast.

Glob protects his people so much, he smashes himself into the Catalyst Comet, saving his people, but putting it on track to Ooo.

Oh, and then there is the you know, who fact that FINN’S JERK DAD IS IN THE CATALYST COMET PILOTING IT!

Seriously, what the butt. This was the only thing that Finn didn’t witness, as the moment Glob took off/impacted with the Catalyst Comet Finn was transferred back to his body so he could should “Oh my Blood!” Though, I don’t think this is an actual Catalyst Comet since Martin (Finn’s dad) is piloting what appears to be a Star Skipper. But the meaning of the Catalyst Comet, like Glob said, “will being great change.” Is Finn’s dad going to make things better, or worse? Hopefully we’ll find out on the next episode of Adventure Time.

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