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Adventure Time: Dungeon Train – Review

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Man, sometimes you just need a dungeon crawl of kicking bad guys in the butt and grabbing awesome loot they drop behind to get over a relationship. And a big shout out to Adventure Time writers for this episode – Thomas Herpich and Steve Wolfhard.

Finn is still having a hard time getting over his relationship woes, much like last weeks Love Games. Except this time it looks like Finn and Jake are taking a cue from Flambo’s brother and going to a cool dungeon cave. But, being the big brother Jake is, he dispenses some sage advice about relationships and what one must do to over come a broken heart. I turned on closed captions to make sure I got it all right:

“Girls is like Horses – – When you fall down it’s important to get back on again, on a different horse. And there is a lot of fish in the sea, a lot of fish. A penny saved is a penny earned.” – Jake the Dog

Right on Jake, Right on.

On the way to the cave, they encounter a train and decide to wait for it to pass by, two hours later… Still going by. Jake stretches up to notice that the train is just running in a big circle in front of them, never stopping, never ending. When they get inside? They are attacked, Finn shoves the guy out the train, but all the loot the guy was carrying were dropped.

Dungeon Train.

adventure time dungeon train

I’m not going to dive too deep into the plotline of the episode, I’m going to try and touch on the overall feeling of what it mean to me. Which is what I think we should be doing more as we analyze this show that is “intended” for children, but taken to another level by adults. Dungeon Train is essentially about a boy being able to have a place to find his inner voice, his peace with falling in love and falling out of love for the first time. For me, it was playing video games for a couple of months after my first breakup. I’m sure everyone has a story of being able to find a coping mechanism that allowed them to just zone out, find that intensely calm place within themselves and smash some bad guys in the face. Finn just happened to have a epic Dungeon Train to be able to do all that with. I’m glad for him to; he can move on and get back to being himself, enjoying life, having adventures. Over the past big batch of episodes we’ve got to watch Finn go through a little part of his life that we’ve all experienced at some point, and that is pretty cool.

Also, my touching “Daaaaw, Dad Feels” moment, was when Jake was on top of the train, sitting with the Hair Ape (watch the episode to get the reference) looking at the stars, his eyes bright with wonder. He asked “I wonder what my kids are doing.” before falling asleep. Damn you Jake if I won’t check in on my kids, give them a quick tuck in their beds as they sleep and a kiss on the forehead.

What did you think about this episode? Tell us how you dealt with your first big breakup and what helped bring you out of it? Was it music, a movie, TV, video games? Lets get all feels up in this place.

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