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Adventure Time: Dad’s Dungeon – Mini Review

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You know how I’ve now realized my Dad never truly loved me? He never custom made a dungeon for me to fight my way through and claim the family Demon Blood Sword. What a horrible, horrible thing to neglect to do upon a child.

This week we got a little taste of what Jake and Finn’s Dad was like. It seems that when Jake and Finn were just Babies he made a dungeon for Finn to traverse with the hopes of toughening him up. He then left a bunch of holo-tapes for them to turn on at different sections of the dungeon. I had fun watching this episode because well, I’m a Dad, and afterwards I thought of some weird way to build some kind of hellishly insane obstacle course for my 4 year old to bumble through in the hopes of making a man out of him. Maybe when he’s older. Ok, maybe never, unless he wants to do the Spartan Race I guess.

Enough diversion, This episode was just plain ‘ol good adventuring fun, I laughed when Holo-dad told Finn to cover his ears so he could talk to Jake to explain what he was doing to make Finn tough (well and that baby Finn was wearing the Bear Hat since he’s been born, did he have to keep getting new sizes or did the hat grow with him? They should do an episode just about his hat.) Holo-Dad would tell Jake to call Finn a cry baby, deflating Finn (almost literally) of his courage to go on. Come on, It had a HAMBURGER MONSTER and a HOTDOG MONSTER they had to fight, that is just genius.

Oh yeah, and to get there? They had to find a “Dumb Rock” that it was under. Which was a literal Dumb Rock.

I don’t know how this show is able to maintain such a high love-ability factor for adults (adult-child as my wife properly puts it). At least now I know what to say when a Demon pops up trying to get his blood back that was used to make a kick ass family heirloom sword.

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