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It’s Adventure Time! Boom Studios Issues #16 – #22 Reviewed

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I like to think I’ve fairly cemented myself as the Adventure Time aficionado here at WPR. Did you know that the comic books are also canon to the Cartoon Network version? Yup, whatever happens in the comic books, have some kind of impact or actual basis on the TV Show that we all know and love.

How do these issues hold up against what you know? Well, the comic issues did start out very impressively. Essentially, these are episodes of the TV show but done in four issue arc formats. I’ll do a breakdown of what is going on in these arcs. If you want a litter perspective from the artists, I interviewed them on the first day of this year. So, that’s kinda awesome, right?

Adventure-Time-16-Mike-HolmesIssue #16 through #19:

Ice King + Dungeons (one of them made by Ice King) + Bro Times = Dungeon Exploring Awesomeness.

This arc is really an insight into Ice King for those of you that love the Episodes like I Remember You and Simon and Marcy. These two episodes are the ones that have most profoundly going into what exactly the Ice King sacrificed beyond his sanity by wearing the magic crown. This arc is no different. You learn more about Ice King’s fiance before the Mushroom War tore the planet apart and created what we know is Land of Ooo. We learn that the Ice King is in a constant internal struggle with the demands of the crown that he wears upon his head. How, through his thousands of years, he’s tried to hold everything together to keep from succumbing to the crowns wishes and turning the world to Ice. Obviously this is done in a silly manner that people who are being less observant or not caring to analyze the content would miss. This arc has done a lot of character background building for Ice King, and it is incredibly worth the read if you’re into that kind of thing for this series.

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AT_20Issue #20 is essentially a breather comic. Between Arcs, they like to have a one off issue to just make room from the next issue arc. This one is entirely from the perspective of someone who is gearing up for Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. You see their arms and legs, see their words. The house is attacked and well, the review issue ended there, with about 12 pages missing. From the start though? It looked fun, and I’m damn curious who the heck the person was that was hanging out with Finn and Jake! Who’s fighting them!? It’s a big guy of sorts, I suppose I could just go actually buy a physical copy to find out.

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AdventureTime_21Issue #21 and #22 are the first two issues in the new arc. The Candy Kingdom is being over-run by some gum! It’s turning the candy people into pink eyed, slaves of gum people who are striving for perfection, and feeling perfection. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are surviving alright, but things are getting a little too close for comfort. Can Finn and Jake Save the day? Or will PB and Marceline figure out a way to do it without the boy and his dog?

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Ryan North has done a great job on the writing for these comics, they do seem to use more of the AT slang than what you see in the show format, but it’s all cool. Mathmatical even. It’s like I said before, you’d be able to see any of these arcs in an episode format on Cartoon Network. This is basically just giving yourself extra episodes that will never air on TV, and how can you turn that down? Shelli Paroline‘s art is right on par with what you expect, it’s not any kind of crazy difference that makes you scratch your head at first. The art isn’t exactly the same as the show, yes, but it’s so wonderfully done that every panel, every page is exactly what you want it to be. Fun, humorous and full of shenanigans that make you laugh.

If you consider yourself a fan of Adventure Time, you are really, really, really, really…REALLY doing yourself a disservice by not reading the comics. I feel like a total butt for taking so long to get caught up.

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