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Adventure Time: BMO Lost, Episode Review

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I always knew that doing The Worm dance move would get someone snatched up by a giant eagle.


SO yeah, BMO starts off cutting some dance moves with some bugs when the does the mentioned worm. When the eagle gets to the nest, it drops BMO into the mouth of a baby. Then keeps pecking him down when he tries to escape. Then he slips out of the babies mouth the next morning. I guess the baby bird doesn’t have much of a digestive tract. As BMO is escaping, he’s started by giant worm hiding under the nest shouting that he can hide with him. Just like a big ‘ol fat worm to do something like that to precious little BMO.

S5_e17_BMO_with_a_broken_screenBMO slides down the moutain, cracks his faceplate and starts to get all mopey. Who rescues him? A bubble. Well, a talking bubble. The name of the bubble? Bubble.

It’s a very bubbly relationship (Bah dum pishh)

See Bubble is just as sad because he’s been wandering the forest trying to find his home too, but he’s having a hard time remembering just what the hell is home for him. So, with encouragement from BMO that Finn and Jake will help Bubble, the leave in search of the tree house. Find an ugly baby in the forest, drop the baby off a walking bridge into a river. Then bubble sets off a chain of domino falling events that saves BMO and Ricky (what BMO named the baby) that would do someone with a actual appendages proud.

Overall, it’s a fun little episode of BMO just being a cute little old gameboy with dirt in his butt and wet batteries. The ending was pretty intense. As we learn the fate of Bubble, and his love for BMO that was so intense, BMO said they could get married. Is BMO supposed to be a girl or boy? I never know. BMO is BMO I guess. Oh, and Bubble did find his home, after something happened that I called from the second BMO and Bubble met. It’s pretty rad SCIENCE!, kinda. At least BMO was happy with the end result. Till next time, enjoy your adventures folks.

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