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Adventure Time: Bad Little Boy, Review

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Fionna and Cake are back! This one is pretty much all about Marshall Lee, the alter ego of Marceline. Or, the next big AT Cosplay you’ll be seeing.

I'm_not_amusedOk, let’s just say that now that everyone knows Ice King is obsessed with Fionna and Cake, is the main creator of their story, it’s no short wonder that the beginning is as batcrazy as he is. He’s captured some princesses and is apparently trying to impress them with his story.

They are not impressed.

So, when Marceline shows up and rescues them, of course she has a better story to tell. A story about Marshall Lee.

This part of the episode starts off with a fun little William Tell reference, BMO sitting with an apple on his head. Though, instead of arrows being shot at the apple, Fionna is throwing axes, which is far, far more awesome. When Prince Gumball (voiced by Neil Patrick Harris) comes by with some creme puffs he made to say thanks for their help earlier, they’re interrupted when the puffs disappear and something is on the roof. Well, it’s Marshall Lee (voiced by Donald Glover) playing his electric guitar (where’s the cord?) in the rain, which I guess is a bad boy thing? I dunno, I’ve never been able to figure that status symbol out. Regardless, Marshall Lee basically spends all his time trying to show how bad he is, in song, and his actions. Mostly, he’s just trying to mess with Fionna’s head, which, like the empowered girl she is, punches him in the face for doing so.


Which is awesome, honestly.

I think that is why so many people liked the first gender swapped episode “Fionna and Cake”, she’s a chick that kicks ass and doesn’t care about having so many dudes for friends, she’s just waiting for the right one to come along. With this second episode on the books and Ice King vowing once again find a way to make them real (he failed in Mystery Dungeon). At least this time he showed how many books he had written (stacks and stacks) all heaped before a giant Fionna and Cake statue he made. Will Fionna/Finn and Jake/Cake meet in the world of Ooo, that isn’t Ice Kings fantasy story? I guess we’ll have to see, maybe next season.

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