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Adventure Time: All Your Fault, Review

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The Earls of Lemongrab are starving, and who are all these weirdo’s roaming around their castle trying to eat everything? Well, the Lemongrabs are obviously up to something. So, as Finn and Jake are exploring the castle looking for the dungeon, and keep running into weirdos, lemongrab weirdos (which makes them super weird, but somehow loveable) They keep finding rooms with giant organs in it, heart, kidneys, lungs, etc.

So, when Finn and Jake finally find the emaciated Earls, it turns out that all the food is gone because, they used all the candy to create all the life in the castle. See, when PB used her awesome SCIENCE! to make the second Earl of Lemongrab, she accidentally left the life making formula behind. The Earls found it and started making their own creations out of the candy that was left for them to eat. Lets just say that they’re not too inspirational when it comes to making stuff. When Finn and Jake show them the special seeds that will grow them more candy, one Earl takes them all, piles them up on the table and the other dumps some formula onto it. The new creation blows a raspberry and just sits there like a lump.

Lemon WeirdosI still love the Earls though, crazy and all. So, it’s no surprise when they launch their scheme to take over the candy kingdom, make even more of their own candy people, then use the new army to find food to feed everyone. I just wanted to pinch their lemonheads until it hurt, with love, and their lemon essence squirted out. Wait, that’s…kinda gross, I’ll deal with it. Naturally the plan fails when the Lemon Castle comes to life (before mentioned organs) and Lemonjohn makes his way to the candy kingdom, with nothing that can stop him, except for Finn and Jake! So, when the unbeating heart gets super punched by Jake and starts up, well, Lemonjohn starts having feelings and emotions, feels bad for what he was about to do and destroys himself, turning into a gigantic horde of candy. Afterwards, PB is fixing the exposed brains of the Earls and erasing all of their knowledge of the lifemaking formula, because, she can. When Finn asks why she can’t just fix their hearts too, she replies that there’s nothing wrong their hearts, but they’re always like this. Then the two lemongrabs turn and face Finn with that weird look on their faces.

Man, I love the Lemongrabs. Good work Adventure Time, Good Work.

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