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Adventure Time: A Glitch is a Glitch, Review

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The first episode with CG!


Alright, so, this may be one of the weirdest episodes we’ve seen in a while. I mean, the guys get THIS (below) in an email from the Ice King.

Animated Ice KingSo, where do we go from there? Everything about this episode was essentially done by David OReilly, how his devious mind pull this off, I don’t know, but I tip my hat to him.

We start off with Finn and Jake making an animation of Ice King from one of their many computers you can see in their house (I just noticed they all had candles on them) Looking back at the image, it’s funny that there are spiders and a snake all over him, since well, Finn accidentally creates a spidersnake when he combined them at the source code of the universe and then said spidersnake attacked Ice King when he was stuck in (literally) the side of a house when all the glitched things in Ooo came back. See, Ice King made a virus that would destroy everything in Ooo, because he claims Princess Bubblegum said she’d go on a date with him if there was nobody left in Ooo.

Don’t tempt Ice King with crazy, he’ll do it. Lesson Learned?

Finn and Jake end up breaking into the source code of the universe when everything is glitching up around them. The fight The Glitch virus (a distorted looking Ice King head) and well, save the day. Coming in to check in on PB while she’s smashing the living hell out of Ice King’s computer.

PB Jake Hands

Seriously, there is far, far more in the episode than my brief explanation, I’m honestly still trying to just wrap my head around everything that was going on. Oh, and apparently Jake and PB’s hands are dating? That’s a new one.

Maybe once I give the episode another watch or two to just get my head settled, I’ll try a big update on my thoughts, until then, embark on your own Adventures while you wait for the next episode of Adventure Time!

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