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Adult Swim adding 5 new shows to the line up

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Coming to Adult Swim some time in the not-to-distant-future, 5 new shows. Included in the mix, a series adaptation of the film Black Dynamite, and a new series from Patton Oswalt.

At it’s annual Gotham party, Cartoon network announced that it will be picking up 5 new series for it’s fall line up (potentially Winter or Spring, depending on how things work out [you know how it is[)

The titles are:

Black Dynamite. A series (unknown if it will be live action or cartoon at this time) based around the film exploits of Black Dynamite. An ass-kicking, hard-ass, tough-nuts, mutha fu**er played by Michael Jai White in the film. It’s unlikely that he will reprise his roll, however.

National Terrorism Strike Force: San Diego: Sport Utility Vehicle. A spoof CSI/NCIS/Acronymicron show about a terrorism squad. In San Diego. Who drive SUVs. Duh. Created by Paul Scheer, this one should be ready for summer.

China, IL. Set somewhere in the history department of a state university. But being produced by the guys who brought you Metalocalypse, Titmouse. Expect a lot of awesomeness!

The Heart, She Holler. A series brought to you by none other than Patton Oswalt, according to Variety;

Oswalt’s name and face drew plenty of cheers at the presentation, though “Heart” was the only show announced without preview footage. Described as “a soap opera about folk who ain’t never used soap or seen an opera,” show will star Oswalt and Heather Lawless and is produced by PFFR, the shingle behind MTV2’s “Wonder Showzen.”

And finally, Tight Bros. A show about horny brother.. Brothers (as in Clergy.) This one should be awesome too.

Also expected to return, Venture Bros, Childrens Hospital, Eagleheart, Frankenhole, Aqua Teen, And a new production by Jay-Z that is still in the works.

Very little is known, outside of those who were fortunate enough to be in attendance at the event, so expect more details to trickle out as they become available. Regardless, it sounds like there are at least 2 shows on the Adult Swim block that I am looking forward to.


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