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Adhesive Releases Two New Hawken Dev Diaries

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If you’re a fan of giant mech games like Evan and myself are, you might recall his article a few months ago that showed a bit of the game Hawken in action. Both of us were ready to give them our money on the spot, and that still hasn’t changed.

Adhesive games is doing something interesting by attempting to redefine the genre as a mix between your typical FPS and sim games like Mechwarrior 2 and Heavy Gear, and they’re doing it without the backing of a major publisher. This is actual indie gaming that I can get behind.

The studio is planning on releasing the game on as many platforms that can handle it which is a welcome bit of news for us console gamers as we once thought that this would be PC only. I won’t lie, I’m almost certain that it would be better on PC, but if I can get my giant mech combat on with a DualShock or a 360 controller on my 55″ TV…I’m game.

Anyways, watch the two videos we’ve included from GameTrailers and let us know what you think!

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