ADEQUATELY-SIZED PODCAST: Episode #11 “Chad’s Farewell”

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This week is Chad’s last week with us. To send him off we cover a movie with a creepy man that likes to BLANK himself in public, a movie where yet again a dork is some how married to a really hot chick, and last but not least…a movie that makes some people’s brains bleed, but in a good way.

This week, we delve into Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, a movie that I swear, just like G.I. Joe, was a lot better as a kid. Next up was the new-to-DVD release of Cop Out, where we discover that Cooper can’t watch a cop movie without dissecting it. Last, but not least, was our review of Inception; A movie that’s very hard to review with out giving spoilers.

Following that we have a moment of silence as we all cuddle into Chad…In a non-gay way, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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