ADEQUATELY-SIZED PODCAST:Episode #10 “The Kids are Ready for… Well, Just Listen to the Episode.”

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This week we review a movie that reunites pretty much all the ewoks from Star Wars. We also visit mediocrity in two other films. One was given a chance while the other one wasn’t. We’ll let you guess which is which.

So our nostalgia pick for this week was Willow. Yes its a bit dated, but hey, it’s full of little people, sword duels and the world’s creepiest cat fight. How can you go wrong with that? Our new to DVD pick this week was Percy Jacks and the Olympians: Something, Something, Something. Finally, our reviewed new release was The Last Airbender, which everyone seemed to hate. Yet its made over $100,000,000.00, I wish my mistakes made that much.

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