Adam Sessler deserves a slow clap

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*Clap*…………………………….. *CLAP*……………………….. *CLAP*……………………. Clap………. CLAP……….. CLAP………. CLAP…. CLAP… CLAP. CLAPCLAPCLAP

Hit the jump for my comments.

Now I’ve never been a big fan of G4 or X Play for that matter, but Adam Sessler does entertain me from time to time and if they really let him talk like that on X Play, the show would be much better. And if they made Morgan Webb dress like this:

But I digress. I have to agree with Sessler on this issue. Gamers are a very wide genre of people and they come from all over the place and love all kinds of different things. Some are great to play with and hang out with, some aren’t. And console fanboys are the absolute worst type of gamers to be with.

What makes a fanboy so rabid in the first place? Is it the fact hat they attach themselves and their reputation on a console and defend it with their very lives, just to help prop up their own insecurity as a person? Why do numbered reviews matter so much to these people? Adam’s point about the tenth of a point difference in Gears 2 and Killzone 2 is a very valid one. How do you justify giving games tenths of points?

The anatomy of a fanboy

I have never understood it. I grew up on Nintendo until the N64 days. Then the Xbox came out and I played Halo and I was hooked on that. I bought a 360 when it came out and dealt with all the stupid fanboys calling me an idiot because of the RROD issue, and that I should have bought a PS3 or a Wii. But really, honestly, after seeing this video, I guess all you PS3 fanboys out there are just wiggers and weaboos anyways. And all 360 fans are frat boys. Yeah, sure.

Yeah, that gives you PS3 fans a GREAT reputation. I hate to say it, but if you are a rabid fanboy that defends a corporate product to the death, those same corporate suits are laughing all the way to the bank at your insanity. Because they know, as long as gamers have reasons to fight and argue, the money just keeps rolling in. And maybe, just maybe, you should go outside, walk around the block and remember, there is a world outside of vidja games. Like….tits.

So what do all my whores think? Is Adam off his rocker? Got any great fanboy stories to tell?

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