Alan Smithee

Activision’s DJ Hero Will Fail

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For one reason alone…it costs $120 dollars here in America and will cost our UK friends £108…that’s the equivalent of $177. Let’s not forget that this price is for a game and controller for ONE-PLAYER. For that price you could…

  • Buy 2 brand new games
  • Pick up a used SNES and a copy of Chrono Trigger
  • Rent a decent hooker
  • Get 5 lap dances and still have money for drinks
  • Pick up enough alcohol to forget your name for a few days
  • Rent a bouncehouse
  • Buy enough velcro to cover a small room
  • Get the equivalent of $120 worth of DLC for RockBand in an effort to ‘stick it’ to activision
  • Take the entire website out for pizza

Well maybe not that last one, but the main point I’m trying to make here is that there are plenty of us gamers who do have deep pockets, but when we see a price point for a game like this, we just giggle a bit and look forward to picking up the game and peripheral for half that price when the newer version comes out.

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