Ryan Wilson

Activision Pulls the Plug on King’s Quest Revival

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In a swift move of pure dickery, Activision has pulled out the old cease and desist on The Silver Lining, better known as the fan sequel King’s Quest 9. The previous owner of the Sierra IP, Vivendi, tried to shut down production of the game back in 2005, but negotiated down to a non-commercial license of the game as long as they dropped the King’s Quest moniker from the name.  The now 9 years in production game, which was prepping for a Spring 2010 release was forced to cease development and remove all assets from their website.

It’s sad to see a game in production for so long go up in a ball of flames.  Could this mean Activision is planning on reviving the series themselves?  Or are they being the proverbial 5-year-old, not willing to share their Graham with the rest of the children.

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