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Action Figure’d: Marvel Select – Unmasked Wolverine

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Hey Bub, please don’t put me next to that pansy baby elephant on your shelf.

Wolverine_Resting place
This figure was provided to us by Diamond Select Toys for review purposes

Ah, Wolverine, the character of my youth I loved. Unmasked Wolverine is just another highly well done figure by Diamond Select Toys. From his belt and costume to his adamantium claws they all just have that quality that you’d expect from a collectors edition figure. Much like the Red Hulk, I find myself taken in by the his face. The base is a cool touch too it’s got a kind of Weapon X factory feel to it, at least from my remembrance of Wolverine knowledge at almost midnight can think of. It’s an older looking Logan to me when I give him the up close and personal examination, someone who’s been around for a long time, and just has that expression that he doesn’t really give a crap what your sentimental feels are toward him. His claws are out, he’s ready to tell you to stop being such a softy and just find a place for him to pose already.


His Resting Place: Unmasked Wolverine shall stand at the highest point he can in the room, standing over the edge of my second shelf above my desk where I keep my Fancy Pants books. And baby elephant book stopper thing. I like this pose for him because it’s like he’s looking over at my corner of the office that has a Star Trek Into Darkness poster signed by some cast members, a sweet artwork of Deadpool (Thanks again, Brian), Batman and just some random pile of comic books and graphic novels that have meaning to me. He’s looking over and protecting some stuff that I have attached a high value to, and he will keep them safe, forever watching. I also pretend he’s just contemplating jumping off the cliff because I’m a big weirdo, and he’s stuck next to a little elephant trumpeting at his butt.

This figure is $24.99 and you can request your local comic shop to order it for you, or try to buy it directly from the Diamond Select Toys site.

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