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Action Figure’d : Marvel Select – Rhino

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This figure was provided to us by Diamond Select Toys for review purposes

So much anger, yet, such purty beast. I’ve always said that the Rhinoceros is my favorite animal, so, I guess it’s not that big a leap for The Rhino to be one of my favorite comic book Villains.

The detailing is so DAMN nice, down the to armored flecks on the suit that you’d see from the animal counterpart. Seriously, I’ll try to keep this as un-weird as possible. When showing the figure to my kids, they were both taken back by how cool it looks. My 3 year old daughter said “Awww, his toes are so CUTE!”

I’m sure The Rhino would have appreciated that.

I particularly liked the horns, they just stand out (no pun intended), really, the detailing on these Marvel Select figures are not going to get many complaints from me, in my unbiased non-collectors viewpoint, these are the coolest figures I’ve ever put up for display on my shelves. The Rhino has more points of movement than the others that I have played with, his upper torso goes side to side, his head/shoulders, eh. But is forearms and hands can go all windmill on you. For not having a base, his feet are really adjustable to fit the surface, with a little click everything was perfect and standing upright.

His Resting Place Right above my monitor, so that I may look at him, and think of The Rhino stomping on poachers in Africa. Wipes tear. This figure is well worth adding to your collection, especially if you’re gearing up for the next The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie that The Rhino will be featured in.

This figure is $24.99 and you can request your local comic shop to order it for you, or try to buy it directly from the Diamond Select Toys site.

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