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Action Figure’d: Marvel Select – Red Hulk

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Red Hulk Smash, my heart.

Let me preface this article with some knowledge for you. I am not an action figure collector by any means. I asked Diamond Select Toys (very, very nicely) if they would let me play with some stuff for review I wasn’t expecting them to deliver (lets just say I have more reviews to write after this one). I had no qualms with ripping the box apart with such labeling as “Special Collectors Edition” on it and then sticking my nose right up onto the Red Hulks chest so that I may gaze into his eyes. His deep, dark pooled eyes of anger. Just looking at the figure outside of the box you tell there is an incredible amount of detail in Red Hulk. His muscles stand out, the veins on his arm, the wrinkles of his knuckles, everything about Red Hulk just stands out. His face still gets me every time, as I’m writing this, I keep glancing up at his new spot on my Shelf O’Geek above my desk, standing above the top of my lamp, his body partially bathed in light and darkness. I grin, because it just looks so damn awesome.

Red Hulk Mad

From reading some other action figure reviews online and some previous ones done on this here site by people far more knowledgeable than me about this medium, he does have articulation. His arms move at the elbow and you can make him do a standing splits. There, that good enough for you? I don’t know what to say, he kinda moves into cool poses that have varying degrees of anger poses.

It’s the frigging Red Hulk, I don’t ask for much than just anger and looking awesome. His shredded pants do flare out like the wind is blowing them. The detail on this thing keeps blowing me away. I grew up with the regular GI Joes or Ninja Turtles, I’ve never had anything this exquisite to touch and play with that didn’t have someone groan when I asked if we could take it out of the box. This deserves to be sitting out in full glory, bathed in glory on your display area. Well worth the investment.

Red Hulk Spot_2His Resting Place: Red Hulk will sit on the first shelf above my desk, right above the lamp light that I talked about eariler that just makes the figure stand out even more. I chose this place because usually when I’m finding myself in a stuck place in my writing, I glance at that specific spot because I have a picture of Picard gazing at me, as if watching, waiting for my next literary move so he may levy some kind of wisdom. Now, Picard is slightly behind him, gazing at him, contemplating just what the hell I was thinking to put Red Hulk in front of the esteemed captain. Maybe I want to tell myself that anger and a sense of calm both have a place in my writing. Or I just really like how the lighting off the figure looked.

This figure is $24.99 and you can request your local comic shop to order it for you, or try to buy it directly from the Diamond Select Toys site.

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